A Sign Of A Successful Teacher Training Workshop, Implementation of Learned Strategies……….

By on September 12, 2010 in What Makes A Great Teacher?

A few weeks ago I conducted a teacher training workshop entitled “Connecting Science Across The Curriculum.” One of the concepts teachers were introduced to during the teacherTeacher Training "image" training workshop was buoyancy. Teachers were asked to make a boat out of aluminum foil and test how many pennies the aluminum boat could hold before it sunk. Teachers also constructed boats out of clay, and tested the clay boats for buoyancy. At the conclusion of the teacher training workshop I gave the teachers a follow-up assignment.  They were to select from recycled materials I had brought in, as well as choose their own materials and build a model boat with their students. Yesterday I received this photo showing a sample of some of the boats the teachers built with their students. It’s always reassuring for a teacher trainer  like myself to see that teachers are able, and do implement new and effective teaching strategies and explorations within their own classroom after attending  teacher training professional staff development sessions.