An Integrated Science Curriculum Helps Students To See the Interrelationships Among The Sciences

By on October 10, 2010 in Science Education In The News

Great integrated science curriculum article by Lynn Petrinjak in NSTA Reports Mixing Science Topics: a Recipe for Better Learning. Science is often taught as a series of discrete and Making A Solar Cooker Integrated Science Curriculum disconnected topics. In reality, all of the sciences are interrelated. An integrated science curriculum and approach to teaching science helps the student to see the interrelationships among the sciences. Through an integrated science curriculum students build connections between their lessons as well as the different science disciplines. George Wolfe, the director at the Academy of Sciences in Sterling, Virginia, a high school that uses an integrated science curriculum has found that the academy’s teachers are enthusiastic about teaching science via an integrated approach. When hiring teachers Wolfe looks for “great teachers”, these are individuals with masters degrees in science, they understand basic chemistry, physics, and Earth sciences. The key is they’re great teachers, so they can make it relate Wolfe said.” On the professional staff development/ teacher training level, teachers benefit by attending a multitude of professional staff development and teacher training workshop opportunities throughout the year and their career that blend the sciencesas opposed to only taking professional staff development workshops in a single science discipline only. The ability of a chemistry, physics, or Earth science  teacher to take science content from a biology-based professional staff development teacher training workshop and incorporate the content knowledge and investigations within their science curriculum benefits the students. Students will have a clearer understanding of how biology concepts are interrelated to chemistry, physics, and the Earth sciences. Lastly, students who have been taught science via an integrated science curriculum have been found to be better prepared for college science courses. I have been a proponent of an integrated science curriculum for decades. Like Leonardo daVinci, I’m a systems thinker, everything is interconnected. For more information about the teacher training workshops I provide  nationwide,  including integrated science teacher training workshops check out the teacher training pages on this website.