Engaging K-12 Students In Inquiry-Based Explorations Teacher Training Conducted in Bangkok, Thailand

By on April 2, 2011 in Teacher Training Workshops

Just back from a whirlwind trip to Bangkok, Thailand where I conducted teacher training for teachers based in Asia. The workshop was entitled “Engaging K-12 Students In InquiryBased Explorations.” The twenty-two participants taught in K-12 schools located in Thailand and Vietnam. It was a diverse group of participants from those with expertise in reading to high school chemistry and biology teachers. As always the task of making sure that the teacher training experience meets the needs of all the participants was a challenge but I believe everyone came away from the workshop motivated as well as expanding upon their existing content knowledge. The workshop began with a lively interactive discussion with the group as to what inquiry science is and what it is not. What an inquiry-based science classroom looks like in regards to the student and teacher roles. Throughout the two-day training teachers conducted hands-on-minds-on explorations to investigate physical, life, earth, and nature of science concepts. Major emphasis was placed on developing critical thinking skills in students through reflective journalling and incorporating science process skills on a daily basis. It was a great group of teachers who were comfortable sharing their knowledge of teaching pedagogy and scientific insights with one another. The slide show  below are photos taken during the two-day teacher training conducted in Bangkok, Thailand.