It’s been a busy summer, trying to catch up with getting all my PowerPoints and videos together of the STEM teacher training sessions I’ve STEM Teacher Training by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowskiconducted since May. The following is a PowerPoint on Authorstream of a two-day STEM teacher training session conducted for Elementary teachers at Stenstrom Elementary, a Seminole County public K-5 school. Stenstrom Elementary was on the verge of being closed down by the Seminole County School Board inĀ  2012. The administrators, teachers and parents of Stenstrom chose to implement a STEM curriculum in hopes that it would attract more students to their school. After one year of implementing a supplemental STEM curriculum in grades K-5, Stenstrom Elementary is thriving. The two-day training session went fantastic. Teachers were introduced to techniques to develop and strengthen students critical thinking skills, reflective journaling in the STEM classroom, materials science, using building blocks in the STEM classroom, building 3-D structures, bridge building, reverse engineering, solar energy, using the schoolyard to teach STEM concepts, and connecting math and architecture concepts. It was a great group of teachers and administrators. Stenstrom Elementary PTA is very involved in the school. In fact, several parents attended the two day training, that’s a pretty powerful statement. Stenstrom has booked a follow-up fall STEM training session, and I look forward to working with Stenstrom in their efforts to offer a quality STEM education program for all their students. Check out the PowerPoint of the two-day training here.