2nd Grade Teachers Explore STEM Concepts

By on October 1, 2013 in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education

A group of twenty-two 2nd Grade Teachers were introduced to STEM education philosophy and content during two days of STEM teacher training.

Teachers were actively engaged in conducting hands-on-minds-on, inquiry-based investigations to explore the following concepts and content areas:

Critical Thinking,

Reflective Journaling in the STEM Classroom,

Assessing STEM education,

Engineering Design Process,

STEM Walks with a focus on materials science,

Materials Science,

Force, Motion, and Energy Concepts; and

Botanical concepts.

One of the major goals of all my STEM teacher training sessions is to allow teachers to see through quality hands-on-minds-on investigations how “everything is interconnected”. In STEM classrooms lessons need to provide opportunities for students to see the interconnections among the 4 disciplines of STEM, as well as making connections across other disciplines including the arts and social studies. Teachers left the two day training with a good idea of what STEM is all about, and how to actually go about implementing STEM investigations within the classroom. Additionally, teachers are given the opportunities through hand-on investigations to see how STEM practices and content are directly related to the goals of Common Core, and the Next Generation Science Standards. The following photos are representative of the STEM investigations teachers conducted during the teacher training.