Teachers Immersed in Exploring STEM Education

By on November 17, 2013 in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education

It’s been a great month introducing high school and middle-school teachers to STEM practices and content during two-day trainingstem teacher training by dr diana wehrell grabowski sessions that have been packed with inquiry-based, project and problem-based investigations. Teachers have taken on the role of the student as they are introduced to STEM education through inquiry-based investigations. We all know that teachers have a great deal of changes taking place this year with Common Core, and the Next Generation Science Standards. STEM education is directly connected with the goals of Common Core, and is embedded within the new Next Generation Science Standards. During a one week period teachers have taken several STEM walks to reinforce related STEM concepts whether it be ecosystems, materials science, or agricultural science concepts. The teachers have enjoyed using a wide-variety of affordable digital tools that can be used to collect data, thus the integration of technology goes beyond having students conduct computer research. Teachers used digital calipers, infrared thermometers, digital pH meters, digital microscopes, hydrometers, anemometers, and more. Teachers are introduced to reflective journaling, techniques to develop critical thinking, and making the connections to the “real-world.” I look forward to working with these teachers again during follow-up STEM teacher training sessions. It’s all about providing quality on-going professional staff development to teachers, and building that committed relationship with the school district.