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Back from the Bayous of Louisiana where I was conducting STEM teacher training for 3rd Grade Teachers. It was a great group of teachers. They were totally immersed in the STEM investigations. Teachers were introduced to techniques to develop and strengthen critical thinking skills, teaching via inquiry-based practices, The Engineering Design Process, and journaling in the STEM classroom. Teachers conducted hands-on-minds-on, inquiry-based STEM investigations correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards as well as connecting to the Common Core. From exploring materials science, insulators, ramp science, simple machines, reverse engineering, and more. Teachers were elated to receive STEM supplies to bring back into their classrooms. Teachers left the training motivated, excited, and most of all I believe transformed. Check out the photos from the two-day STEM teacher training session.

Often individuals think of the “T” in STEM as referring to the use of computers in the classroom. However, the “T” in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) includes all forms of technology from digital microscopes, digital probes, electronics, battery operated scientific tools etc. The following photos were sent to me from Beaches Episcopal School where I provide year-round STEM consultation for their Pre-K- Grade 6 teachers. Beaches Episcopal School has embraced STEM education. STEM investigations are being conducted throughout the entire school at every grade level and discipline,  year-round. The photos show students using a mini illuminated microscope that is very affordable, and actually works quite well. The mini microscopes have been well-received when I use them during my STEM teacher training workshops. The students are using the mini illuminated microscopes as they dissect owl pellets, and analyze their contents. The mini microscopes are available from Amazon via this website at no extra charge. I’m always elated when clients send me photos of STEM investigations being implemented within the classrooms after teachers have attended my STEM teacher training workshops. The integration of technology can actually be quite affordable, and do-able within all classrooms. For more information about the STEM Teacher Training workshops I offer contact me via this website.

4B owl pellets 1.14.14 010Technology in the classroom STEM Teacher Training Beaches Episcopal School

Technology in the classroom STEM Teacher Training Beaches Episcopal School

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