Interactive Keynote Southeast Alaska Early Childhood Association

By on April 4, 2014 in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education, Teacher Training Workshops

I’ve traveled all over this planet from the most remote locations to bustling cities to share my passion IMG_2288and expertise of STEM and Science with teachers, administrators, and parents. Just returned from conducting an interactive keynote presentation in Juneau, Alaska for the Southeast Early Childhood Association. I would have to say that Alaska should be on everyone’s “bucket list.” I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to Alaska and share my passion for STEM and Science with 160 plus early childhood educators, administrators, and the community. The focus of the interactive keynote was the importance of cultivating and nurturing the young child’s natural curiosity. If a child is not curious, or given the opportunity to develop their curiosity even the best educational offerings will have little impact on their life-long love of learning. During the interactive keynote conference attendees were engaged in conducting hands-on explorations that reinforced the keynote message. From exploring unknown natural specimens, blowing bubbles, analyzing super-absorbing polymers, touching live mealworms, making a paper helicopter to reinforce giving children time to be free and explore both in the classroom and on the playground. The keynote ended with teachers making a bird seed necklace to symbolize that it take effort and necessary ingredients for the seeds to grow, as does curiosity. In the afternoon, I conducted two hands-on, inquiry-based teacher training workshops. The first workshop was a STEM and literature-based workshop. The second workshop was a nature-based workshop. It was wonderful to take the teachers outside in the cool crisp air to explore how nature can be used to teach science and STEM content. I look forward to returning to the “Last Frontier” again in the near future to continue inspiring educators and the community. For more information on the teacher training workshops and keynotes I present throughout the nation and world please contact me via this website. The following photos are of the interactive keynote and hands-on-minds-on science workshops I conducted.