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Any organization that has been involved in establishing a Makerspace Professional Staff Development by Dr. Diana Wehrell-GrabowskiMakerspace is well aware of the difficulties involved in getting the Makerspace off the ground. What organizations may not think about initially is the long-term sustainability of the established Makerspace. What are the long term goals of the Makerspace, growth issues, addressing the needs of the library patrons, transformation of the Makerspace to be aligned to current makered and STEM trends, etc. Great article by Barbara Ray that addresses sustainability of Makerspaces and other issues in “Moving Past Start-Up: Supporting Library Makerspaces Over Time, June 13th in Educator Innovator. Barbara brings up some great points in the article “Moving Past Start-Up: Supporting Library Makerspaces Over Time” as well as gathering ideas from a handful of libraries who have tackled some of the issues stated here with success. If your library or organization is looking to establish a Makerspace and are seeking professional staff development, contact Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski via the Contact Page.

Libraries Transform Communities Through Makerspaces and STEM Programs

on March 14, 2017 in Makerspace, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education Comments Off on Libraries Transform Communities Through Makerspaces and STEM Programs

The image of the quiet public or school library is quickly disappearing, as libraries begin to transform to fit the needs of today’s society.

libraries transformMany public libraries are modifying existing library spaces to include Makerspaces, Fablabs and the like. Public and private K-12 educational institutions are also following suit. Libraries have the power to transform communities by providing spaces and programs where patrons have the ability to create and collaborate with others. Science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) based programs inspire patrons of all ages to use their creativity to become innovators and makers.

I love the 2017 Collaborative Summer Library Program “Build a Better World™” many public libraries throughout the nation will offer STEAM-based programs in conjunction with the Build a Better World™ theme.

I’m elated that many libraries have transformed their spaces to include makerspaces and are also providing STEM and STEAM-based programs for their patrons. However, many of the STEM programs that are offered through the libraries are conducted by guest speakers or partnerships with local community resources. It’s great to have the partnerships with the local educational institutions and organizations but what I would truly like to see is libraries allocate funding for their staff to receive quality and sustainable professional staff development that will provide the staff with the knowledge and pedagogy base to conduct makerspace, STEM and STEAM-based explorations.

I have developed a series of hands-on-minds-on training workshops that introduces library staff to the maker mindset, makerspaces and STEAM-based practices and content. The workshops can be funded through local library funding, 21st century grants, STEM grants, and more…

It’s my hope that in the not so distant future that it will become the norm to walk into any school or public library and see patrons truly immersed in an environment that promotes the use of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.


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