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I had the pleasure of working with a great group of Kindergarten and First Grade teachers during a recent two-day STEM professional staff development training I conducted for Lafourche Parish Public Schools. All of the Kindergarten and First Grade teachers within the Lafourche Parish School District will be introduced to STEM concepts during two-day training sessions which will take place throughout the school year. With the K and 1st Grade teachers implementing STEM practices and concepts within their classrooms, this district is sure to build a strong STEM foundation which has proven to be a much needed and successful component to transforming the way we teach and learn. During the two-day STEM training teachers explored a wide array of STEM practices and concepts via conducting problem and project-based investigations including the following:

  • Reflective journaling in the STEM classroom
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Structure and Function
  • Math and Architecture
  • Using Blocks to Teach STEM Concepts
  • ¬†Boat Design
  • Materials Science
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Sound Engineers
  • Toy Engineers
  • and Ramp Science.

It was a great group of teachers, they left motivated, excited and ready to implement STEM concepts within their classroom. Looking forward to the next K-1 STEM training scheduled in January 2013. Below is a slide-show depicting hands-on-minds-on STEM investigations undertaken during the training.

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