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A New Report Says Designing National STEM Standards Might Be Difficult

on October 28, 2010 in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education Comments Off on A New Report Says Designing National STEM Standards Might Be Difficult

eSchoolNews(10/27 Zwang) reports,  To ensure U.S. competition in a global economy which revolves around implementing stronger STEM education in K-12 classrooms. Some Photo teacher and students building structures during STEM training by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski.policy makers are addressing whether it makes sense to include engineering standards for K-12 education. “However designing a national set of standards for K-12 engineering education may be difficult, according to a new study from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).”  Educators are still undecided as to whether establishing national K-12 engineering standards is a feasible option or not. Massachusetts as had K-12 engineering standards since 2001. Elizabeth McGrath, executive director of the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE), ” said that while developing national standards is not a simple process, it can be accomplished.” One approach McGrath suggests is to “encourage the infusion of engineering education into core courses at the k-12 level, to include science, math, and even language arts and art classes.” With this approach students will see the practical application of science and mathematics in real-world situations through hands-on-minds-on learning.

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