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For the past three years the majority of my teacher training consulting contracts have been STEM based. Consistently I have found that STEM Teacher Training Workshop for Early Childhood Teachers by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowskiteachers question whether they have the time to implement STEM philosophy, practices, and content. The reality is STEM practices and content is naturally aligned with Common Core  principles. STEM practices and content allows students to be creative, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, these skills are the foundation of the Common Core. Project and problem-based learning experiences allow students to engage in interdisciplinary thinking, and make real-world connections.

In simple terms STEM relates to the Common Core Principles by its design:

  • Reading, writing, and vocabulary are at the forefront (reflective journaling, science notebooks, etc.)
  • Cross-curricular lesson content
  • Complex texts and tasks
  • Literacy connections
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Problem-based learning, and
  • Inquiry-based learning.

For more information on the K-12 STEM teacher training workshops I offer nation and worldwide check out my STEM Teacher Training Brochure here.


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