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Despite having to drive in snow storm conditions to arrive at the training location, thirty Indiana Head Start teachers arrived with smiles on their faces eager to find out how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) practices and content can be integrated into the early childhood classroom. During the three hour hands-on-minds-on, inquiry-based STEM teacher training session Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski introduced teachers to:

  • Journaling in the early childhood classroom;
  • Exploring shapes and patterns in nature and man-made structures;
  • Building 2 and 3-D shapes with simple and re-usable materials;
  • Exploring STEM concept with blocks;
  • Toy engineers ;
  • Ramp Science and,
  • Using early childhood literature to introduce and reinforce STEM concepts.

Teachers were also introduced to the practice of “peer-review” of journals and structures. They enjoyed walking around the room, observing and commenting on what their peers had written in their journals, as well as commenting on the structures they had built. Once again, it was a great group of teachers who I believe will head back to their classroom confident and ready to implement STEM practices within their own classrooms. Check out the photos from the hands-on- STEM teacher training designed for Head Start early childhood educators below.




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