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Head Start Teachers Attend Hands-On-Minds-On Teacher Training Workshop

on October 14, 2010 in Teacher Training Workshops Comments Off on Head Start Teachers Attend Hands-On-Minds-On Teacher Training Workshop

I had the pleasure of meeting 35 Mississippi Head Start teachers during a recent hands-on-minds-on teacher training professional staff development workshop I conducted. The Young Nature Explorers Teacher Training Workshop Conducted by Dr Diana Wehrell-Grabowskiworkshop was titled “Young Nature Explorers.”  Teachers were introduced to a wide-array of life and environmental science concepts, emphasis was placed on using the school yard as a classroom to teach young children about nature. The teachers were actively engaged in the hands-on explorations to investigate the following concepts:

  • Living vs. non-living;
  • Plant life;
  • The animal kingdom;
  • Animal coverings; and
  • Patterns in nature (physical and biological).

As usual I stressed the importance of overcoming your own fears about touching living creatures such as earthworms, snails, etc… as well as letting students know your fears for snakes, spiders etc… If the young child observes their teacher reacting negatively to living creatures, the student is likely to emulate those behaviors as well. Several of the teachers who had admitted they had fears towards seeing or touching living creatures actually overcame their fears and touched some of the living creatures I had brought including pill bugs, garden snails, and earthworms. Once again it was a great group of teachers, truly motivated and excited about teaching young children.

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