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During the majority of my science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teacher training workshops I introduce teachers to engineering concepts related to building, architecture, materials science and so forth. STEM Teacher Training Engineering Activities Dr. Diana Wehrell-GrabowskiTeachers build 2 and 3-D shapes with readily and affordable materials such as bamboo skewers, toothpicks, craft sticks and more. In addition, I introduce teachers to numerous building kits from bamboo blocks to Lego’s, K’Nex, Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys, Zome and other similar building kits. Now wouldn’t it be nice if Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Zome and all these cool building kits could be used together? Well thanks to the efforts of Carnegie Mellon professor Golan Levin he has created a “Free Universal Construction Kit” which provides adapters between ten popular construction toys including: Lego, Duplo, Gear! Gears! Gears!, K’Nex, Zoob and others. Additionally, Levin released, for free a set of digital blueprints that a 3-D printer can use to create more than 45 plastic adapters. I encourage all teachers incorporating STEM concepts within their classrooms to incorporate building blocks and construction kits into their STEM curriculum. To learn more about the Free Universal Construction Kit and download the blueprints for free at the Free Art and Technology website check out their website hereĀ

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