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The Bugscope Project

on October 13, 2010 in Science Education In The News Comments Off on The Bugscope Project

Wow! The Bugscope Project, what a cool educational outreach program from the Beckman Institute’s Imaging Technology Group at the University of Illinois. So what is Bugscope? TheTeacher and student observe a pill bug during a family science workshop conducted by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski Bugscope project provides free interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM)so that students in K-16 classrooms worldwide can explore the microscopic world of insects. The Bugscope project allows teachers worldwide to provide students with the opportunity to become insect scientists. Students can propose experiments to conduct with insects, explore insects at high-magnification, as well as having discussions with scientists via the web. To process is relatively simple to start using the Bugscope:

  1. Sign your class up;
  2. Have your students find some bugs and mail them to Beckman  Institute Imaging Technology Group at the University of Illinois;
  3. When your application is accepted, a SEM session is scheduled;
  4. The bugs are prepared for insertion into the SEM;
  5. When your session time arrives, the staff at Beckman Institute puts your bug(s) into the microscope and set it up for your classroom;
  6. Then you and your students login over the web and control the SEM; and
  7. The staff and scientists at Imaging Technology Group will be there via the web to help answer any questions your students may have.

To find out more about the Bugscope project, and sign your class up visit the Bugscope  site.

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