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President Obama Unveils His 2012 Budget Request for the U.S. Department of Education

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President Obama proposes to eliminate the $180 million D.O.E. Math and Science Partnerships and instead fund a $206 million Effective Teaching and Learning: Science, Technology,photo STEM teacher training by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. The program would provide competitive grants to state education agencies and partners to improve the teaching and learning of STEM subjects, especially in high-need schools. The funds could be used to (1) provide professional development for STEM teachers; (2) implement high-quality curricula, assessments, and instructional materials; and (3) create or improve systems for linking student data on assessments with instructional supports. Priority for the funds would be given to states that have already adopted and are implementing a set of high-quality K-12 mathematics college- and career-ready standards. Other key requests for FY 2012 D.O.E. programs include:

  • $900 million for the Race to the Top program.
  • $3.25 billion for the new Excellent Instructional Teams programs, which would help States and local educational agencies promote and enhance the education profession and improve teacher and and principal effectiveness.
  • $63 million for the Fund for the Improvement of Education: Programs of National Significance¬† to support nationally significant projects to improve the quality of elementary and secondary education.
  • $372 million for the new Expanding Educational Options program to start or expand high-performing autonomous schools, including charter schools.

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