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For two days in July, early childhood teachers from the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey were immersed in exploring science, technology, #STEMTEACHERTRAININGengineering, and math (STEM) pedagogy and content through hands-on-minds-on investigations. Teachers were introduced to the foundational concepts of STEM education including: Critical Thinking, Reflective Journaling in the STEM classroom, The Engineering Design Process, Patterns and Shapes in Nature and in Man-Made Designs, Math and Architecture, Materials Science, Force, Motion, and Energy Concepts, and Biomimicry. It was evident at the close of the training on the second day that these teachers would indeed implement what they had themselves explored within their own classroom. It was a real pleasure working with such a delightful and motivated group of pre-K through Grade 2 teachers, I look forward to seeing STEM in action in the early years classrooms of the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey during the upcoming school year.

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