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Effective and Meaningful Professional Development (PD) For All

on July 15, 2010 in Teacher Training Workshops Comments Off on Effective and Meaningful Professional Development (PD) For All

Many teachers do not look forward to attending professional development (PD) sessions, I can’t say that I blame them. After you have attended one too many irrelevant PD  sessionsTeacher training by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski where the basis of the PD had little relevance to your needs or your students needs, it becomes rather difficult to become engaged in the learning experience. The very essence of  teaching  requires teachers to continually expand upon their own existing content knowledge. As well as become immersed in learning how to present science concepts in an effective and meaningful manner in order to improve student performance and learning in the classroom. I encourage school administrators and individual teachers to take a look at the many excellent articles in Science & Children Summer 2010 Volume 47 Number 9. This particular issue examines how to find the right professional development for your teachers, or yourself, and make the most of it. From creating professional learning communities to mentors, distance learning, and more. Editor, of Science & Children, Linda Froschauer hit the nail on the head ” if teachers don’t see the value of the PD in which they are involved, they will not be engaged.”  The  NSTA  position statement on Professional Development in Science Education can be seen  at the following  NSTA Internet resource.

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