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Teacher Training Workshops Need To Be More Than Just Fun!

on January 18, 2010 in Teacher Training Workshops Comments Off on Teacher Training Workshops Need To Be More Than Just Fun!

During the past twenty-five years I’ve conducted over 600 hands-on science teacher training science workshops to thousands of educators across the nation. The science content remains a constant, however, the geographical location and the make-up of the participants make each of the workshops I’ve conducted over the years very unique. From the inception of my educational consulting business I knew that I would have to create a learning environment for adults that was exciting, engaging, motivating, and most of all challenging. Through the years I’ve learned to blend all these components into my presentations. It’s not difficult to conduct a workshop that is fun, it’s an entirely different story to conduct a workshop where the participants are challenged, and are introduced to explorations and concepts that can be realistically undertaken within their classrooms, resulting in positive long-term benefits for all. The attached photo is from a recent workshop I conducted where teacher participants were actively engaged in the entire learning process, this is what teacher training is all about.

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