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I’m really excited about the 2015 Collaborative Summer Library children’s and teens themes: “Every Hero Has a Story” for children, and “Unmask!”  for image science of super heroes teacher training teens. Kids and adults of all ages are mesmerized by the super powers of fictional super heroes. I have designed a hands-on-minds-on professional staff development workshop for youth librarians entitled “The Science of Super Heroes.” During the full-day to multiple-day workshop youth librarians will be introduced to the scientific wonders of fictional super heroes, as well as “real-life” science, technology, engineering, and math-based heroes. Participants will conduct a wide-array of hands-on-minds-on investigations to explore the science behind the super powers of fictional super heroes such as: Superman, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Spider Man, Spider Woman, Green Lantern, X-Men, Aquaman, Cyborg, Animal Man, Captain Planet, Swamp Thing and more…. Additionally, participants will be introduced to “real-life heroes” such as: Nikola Tesla, Rachael Carson, Marie Curie, Leonardo daVinci, Isaac Newton, and more… I’ve conducted hundreds of hands-on-science programs in informal learning environments including libraries over the years. It’s always a joy to educate and entertain youth and the community during these library programs. This summer I will also offer The Science of Super Heroes for youth of all ages. To find out more about The Science of Super Heroes professional staff development designed for youth librarians check out the brochure Professional Development for Youth Librarians 2015 it details the Science of Super Heroes workshop as well as two additional workshops designed for youth librarians (Teaching Science and STEAM Concepts Through Children’s Literature” and Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arrt, and Math (STEAM) Practices and Content in Early-Childhood Through Teen Library Programs.


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